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Running Sports Pools

A sports betting pool or office pool is a variant of parimutuel betting and is similar to a lottery.

The host collects a buy-in from each participant. At the end of the pool, the prize pool is rewarded equally to the winners.

Crypto Booking: The Fast, Secure and Anonymous Way to Transact

Making sure that you have a safe, secure and anonymous way to collect and pay up your players is the best tool we can give you. 

Financials: Do It Right

From Bankrolling to Collecting, we will teach you the basics to manage the financials of your bookie business. 

Pay Per Head For Bookies: Automating The Business

Throughout this course you will learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that can kill a Bookie Business before it has even began. 

Bookmaking Essentials: How To Be A Bookie

This is the first course, our Bookmaking 101. If you learn the concepts in this course you'll be ready to move on to the harder topics.